Monday, December 17, 2012

The Effects of Animal Assisted Therapy on Communication and Social Skills: A Meta-Analysis

This meta-analysis was published in the Transylvanian Journal of Psychology as part of my doctoral research, and it's just been indexed by Ebsco :)

My Dropbox Anthrozoology Library

This is my Dropbox Anthrozoology Library. I thought I'd share all these materials with you. You will find great books and research articles. The folder is constantly updated, so check back :)

School of Advanced Studies: Human-Animal Interaction 2012

Between the 20th and 25th of November in Cluj Napoca, Romania took place a series of lectures and events organized under the name of School of Advanced Studies: Human Animal Interaction. Among the lectures on Behavioral Enrichment, Animal Training, Animal Keeping and numerous others by distinguished speakers, the event also marked the official launch of the Human Animal Interaction Research Institute (ICIOA). You can visit the institute's site here.

Also, you can visit my Youtube channel for HD recordings of some of the lectures.